Visual Guide

Video demo and overview also available at

Edit a Post, Page or Custom Post Type

The Mockingbird widget is available when editing content.


Select Related Content

Use the drop down filter to search and select related content. Selected items will populate the list as you make selections. To remove an item simply, hit the delete button on the right.


Order Related Content

Change the list order by dragging and dropping the selected items in the list.


Re-label Related Content

Click on the item title to change the link text. To reset the title to its original post title, simply leave the input blank.


Configure Plugin Settings

Configure Mockingbird settings to specify what types of content to allow, how the list will look and where it is to appear on your website.


Configure Inline Settings

Mockingbird can be configured to behave differently for different posts, hit the “configure” tab to overwrite any global settings.


Display Related List

Mockingbird provides a number of ways to display and style a related list on your website.

  • To display a list automatically at the bottom of each post, make sure the “Auto display” option is selected in the Mockingbird settings.
  • A shortcode can be used to embed Mockingbird lists within the body of an individual post.
  • The mockingbird() function can be used to retrieve and render a Mockingbird list in your WordPress theme files.
  • The get_mockingbird() function can be used to retrieve Mockingbird data to be used in more custom development.