To start using the Mockingbird you must have a working version of WordPress (with an activated theme) already installed. To install the Mockingbird plugin:

  1. Upload the Mockingbird files to the plugin directory(/wp-content/plugins) on your server via FTP or use the WordPress plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin by clicking “Activate”.
  3. Go to the Mockingbird setting page to configure the plugin. To display a related list at the bottom of each post, make sure the “Automatically display list at the bottom of each post” checkbox is checked.
  4. Start using Mockingbird by editing posts, pages or custom post types and linking up to other content.
  5. To display the list on the website either render the list automatically at the bottom of each post (see point 2), or use a shortcode to embed it directly into a saved post. For further theme development options see the Mockingbird documentation.

For more information on installing and managing WordPress plugins see the WordPress Codex –