Documentation – Shortcode

The mockingbird shortcode lets you add related lists into the post content without having to edit any theme or template files. It will display the list for either the current or specified post.


[mockingbird id="id" title="title"]


The shortcode is intended for basic usage, if attributes are not set they will be inherit the values specified in the Mockingbird settings.

id (integer)
The ID of the post from which to return data. Leave blank to get the current post.

title (string)
The title for the displayed list.

include_thumbnail (boolean)
Whether to display post thumbnail (set using WordPress’s “Featured Image” field).

include_excerpt (boolean)
Whether to display post excerpts. If a post excerpt has not been explicitly set, it will fall back to the post content instead.

excerpt_length (integer)
Length (in characters) of the displayed excerpt text.

excerpt_link_text (string)
Wording of the call to action link displayed after post excerpts.

key (string)
Name of unique key to retrieve Mockingbird data.

Quick Use

To use the shortcode, paste it into the post content. You can get the auto generated Mockingbird shortcode by hitting the embed button. If you have ‘inline configuration’ enabled it will inherit these values.



Display Mockingbird list with a custom title and included excerpts.

[mockingbird title="Testimonials" include_excerpt="yes"]


  • For more advance usage, consider using the mockingbird() function in the theme template files instead.